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Projects A to Z Interior Design Firm

We are a bunch of rejected Game of Thrones extras creating super-AWESOME designs together for the past 7 years.

It all started 13 years ago, back in 2004, when Zan designed her family's restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA.

Zan was studying Architecture in UC Berkeley while managing the restaurant. She worked for three other restaurant design firms between 2004 to 2009. After graduating from Berkeley in 2009 (after years of on and off study), she knew her passion for restaurant designing and started passing out flyers on the street to get her own very first projects.

In 2010, with the help of her husband Anders Chun, the Projects A to Z website was established.

In 2011, she became a Certified Interior Designer, specializing in restaurant equipment space planning and interior designing.

She then needed to complete her all-star design team, lit the beacon, and called for aid. Her cousins Ruby, Cheryl and Ann answered the call. (Gosh, that's a lot of cousins)

Ruby and Cheryl, the cheerful and sincere representatives, handle Customer Services while the patient and considerate Ann works with the design team doing one on one communications and design revisions with the clients.

We also have designers Yao, Bin, and Vauna with us to help speed up the design process.

We also have our version of Star Trek's Montgomery Scott, Red, helping us with the digital maintenance.

And you know what makes our crew happier than most people you talk to? We all work at home surrounded by love, support, and world peace.

That in turn provides clients with an affordable pricing on our services.

We respect each client's personal tastes and patiently work with them to achieve their branded design.

We also provide design support even after we are done with the design process.

Need to change a material? - No problem. Contractors have questions about your design? - We got you covered.

We are always open for revisions as long as clients let us know their honest opinion.

We are warm and fuzzy bunnies who aim to provide customer satisfaction, so please, be nice to us. Except Ruby, though, she'll probably 1v1 you on Halo 5 for sure.

There are not many of us, however, we are all sincere people tasked to focus our expertise and passion into your project.

Let us be your friends in the restaurant design business and join us in the Dark Side of the force.

2018To be continued...

  • Zan Situ

    UC Berkley alum | Primo passion for Restaurant Design | Wants to be glamorous, yet stay make-up free
    It's true. We design high-end... FOR LESS!
    I would do anything for a smile so please smile at me =)

  • Anders

    Marketing Strategist | Avid Bible Reader | Semi-Pro Jetski Rider | Ex Taiwanese boyband member (probably) | Zan's personal car mechanic

  • Cheryl

    Serial video streamer |Passionate eyeshadow hoarder | Make-up master (sort of) | Loves humans, coffee and my Dog. And a really, really, REALLY nice person! You can ask my mom! :)

  • Ann

    Highly functional daydreamer. That "friend" who floods the group chat with dog photos. Forever in-love with the ocean and the mountains. Traveling is for discovering culture. Anybody who buys me food is my friend.

  • Ruby

    Feline Overlord Slave | Self-proclaimed Halo Pro| Certified Star Trekker | Jon Snow's Waifu | Still waiting for that Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

  • Vauna Rustagi

    Vauna Rustagi: Picasastic, loves to paint, yoga, stylist, luxury car driver, talks slow

  • Chen Yao

    Mother of a two year old, loves her classic Vans shoes, hardworking, honest but likes to yell at Zan for whatever reasons and buys her ice cream afterward.

  • Ye Bin

    Hardworking and straightforward, A+ knowledge in woodwork and construction, resident 3D rendering guru.

  • Red

    RED: Official IT guy (no, no, Not Pennywise the Clown) | Kid-friendly | App and Programming Whiz | Company Social Media Overseer | will talk C++ to you

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