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About us – Our mission

Projects A to Z Interior Design Firm

It’s our mission to provide passionate design solutions to our clients so that they can open their dream business in the most cost effective way possible.

Whether it’s a family owned business or an international franchise, it deserves a warm, welcoming look to welcome its own guests. With the help of Projects A to Z, business across the globe are getting facelifts one at a time with amazing results that have astonished business owners and their customers. Depending on your involvement in the project, you may hire us to do small tasks such as space planning and interior design, or you may have us walk you through the complete process step by step, and sit back to watch your project come into fruition.

For business owners:

We are your best friends in the design field. We understand your concerns. We take our time to communicate with you to understand your design style, taste, business concept and geographic location before brainstorming about the actual design. Furthermore, we believe that it shouldn’t break anyone’s bank to assemble a welcoming design; we strive to provide the most cost effective design solutions to help you open the doors within the most reasonable time frame possible. In order to ensure this, we will not receive any commission off specifying any design material and furniture. Thus, there will be no interest conflicts and reasons for us to specify anything unnecessary and ineffective to producing the ideal look we are after.

For architects, engineer, builders and contractors:

We thoroughly understand your concerns and we know your requirements. We are experienced in communicating with other professionals in completing our previous projects. Our focus is to produce meaningful and unique interior designs for small to medium size business where people dine and entertain. We don’t sell material and furniture. However, we are happy to select from your preferred source if needed. We are also experienced with permit drawings, space planning, kitchen equipment specifications and food service codes. We can be your in house consultants. We are flexible to work with. We can either work under your contract or with your client directly. With our help, you would be able to provide complete service package to your clients. There are also times when our client would request your service when they need help building the project. Let’s make a great team together!

From building faucade design, restaurant kitchen layout, commercial / restaurant interior design, structural or engineering calculations, to permits, and construction, we are happy to walk you through each stage with passion and persistence.

We are glad to have received these valuable testimonials from real business owners all over the globe for our services. These are true rewards and real motivation for us to continue providing straight forward and honest design services to hard working business owners who deserve them.

Home About us – Our mission