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Coloring your restaurant Dos and Don’ts [video]

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Colors set the overall mood in an environment. Choosing the right colors will not only help you tie the look together, but will also help your customers enjoy the ambiance as much as the food you are serving.

  1. Do steal pre-selected color combos from the paint store. Many good looking color palettes have already been put together by the paint designers. Do use them for free once you have found the right combo.
  2. Do paint a color on your white T bar ceiling. T-bar ceilings look like an office ceiling. Get rid of the office look by putting a coat of cool color on it to warm up the entire space.
  3. Do use vibrant and warm tones for fast food restaurants. Vibrant colors are appetizing; exactly what’s needed in fast food joints where up selling is a must.
  4. Do use neutrals with brown and grays and a small touch of color for more gourmet type of restaurants. Gourmet cooking is served best at a more elegant, soothing environment where food remains the center of focus.
  5. Do use greens and browns in a lunch café, salad joint or any where healthy food is served. Greens and browns mostly represent colors of nature, and can inspire a light and healthy feeling.
  6. Do paint an eye-popping color on an accent wall for contrast and fun.
  7. Do use metallic colors as accents for a luxurious look.
  8. Do use stencils for bold patterns to add drama on the walls.
  9. Do look on magazines and pictures of other restaurants for color inspiration.
  10. Do get color inspiration from a fabric you love. Do pull the different color tones from a fabric that already has the perfect color palette you are after.
  11. Don’t use light colors on high traffic walls and lower portions of the walls; the next thing you know, you newly painted wall will be decorated with finger prints, ketchups and food remains.
  12. Don’t be afraid of color! Restaurants are supposed to be vibrant environments. Don’t use tone on tone or neutral over neutral. Put some drama in your restaurant!
  13. Don’t use primary colors unless you are a pro. Primary colors usually are too bright for adults’ taste. Stay away from them unless you know how to use them.

Choosing the right colors sets the foundation to a wonderful restaurant design. Don’t be afraid to get inspirations from things around you, such as nature, a piece of fabric, picture from a magazine, or even a piece of cake. Do use pre-selected color combo for safe choices. With good colors in your restaurant, your customers will be able savor your food and ambiance at the same time.

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Homeinfo library Coloring your restaurant Dos and Don’ts [video]