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Your restaurant project: Interior Design Stage

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A restaurant serves more than just food. Whether you own a hamburger shop with neon lights or a sports bar filled w/ plasma screens, your restaurant is where people will be emotionally and physically relaxed, entertained and stimulated. The popular Pizza Hut franchise chain and California Pizza Kitchen both serve pizza, but no one could confuse them. It’s important that you create a physical environment that meets the needs of your customers. It’s important to find out what type of environment is suitable for your target customers when building, decorating, or renovating your restaurant.

When designing your restaurant interior, we will keep the following aspects in mind.
Concept and brand development
Color Design
Flooring Design
Lighting Design
Ceiling Design

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Concept and brand development.

What’s your concept? Who are your target customers? What are the demographics in the neighborhood? What design features can help your create a memorable and unique image?


What’s the best flow of traffic for your restaurant? We will help you come up with a schematic plan and refine the plan with engineered thoughts. Please refer to interior space planning service for more details.

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To create a pleasant restaurant environment, it’s the design team’s goal to stimulate the diner’s five senses: visual, audio, smell, taste, and sensual. Being part of the design team, the owner works with the chef to present delicate meals that are appealing to both the smell and taste bud of the customers. Now, it is the designer’s job to complete the space with visual, audio and sensual elements.

Color. (visual)

Color is a key aspect of successful work in interior design. A space that delivers a pleasant impression through the use of color automatically produces a favorable reaction. Especially for restaurants, good color tunes will not only help your customers remember your space, they will also help to match with your food theme and promote appetites.

Flooring Design. (visual,sensual)

Don’t under-estimate the importance of flooring design. Other than working with other elements to complete the ambiance, the choice for flooring material contributes to the safety, comfort and durability of the built space. All flooring materials shall be commercial grade with slip resistance and stain resistance. Commercial grade materials are not always more costly, but definitely are more heavy duty and up to Ada codes. With creative patterns and uses, your commercial floor will add tremendous value to the over-all design and ambiance.

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Lighting Design. (visual)

Lighting Plays a very important role in creating restaurant atmosphere. Well designed light sources will enhance the appearance of design elements, people and especially, your food. There are many types of light sources: fluorescent, halogen, recessed, pendants, track lights, neon lights, led lights, lighting panels, rope lights, programmed stage lighting and other custom lighting fixtures. Some are more energy saving while some are warmer, sharper, dimmer or brighter. Each type serves different functions in terms of lighting up your space. Our designers are specialized in designing restaurant lighting which may be unfamiliar to residential or other commercial designers outside of the field.

Ceiling Design (visual, audio)

Ceiling Design also plays a very important role in creating a pleasant restaurant atmosphere, because it defines the upper end of the one’s visual sphere. Ceiling also helps to create sense of volume and scale in a space. Presenting a good sense of scale is very important in interior design. Objects that are too large will over power and intimidate human occupants while objects that are too small will create awkwardness and unbalanced visuals. A well designed ceiling will contribute to creating a pleasant space where people will enjoy occupying and moving through. A well designed ceiling will also enhence the acoustics and light reflections.

Acoustics. (audio)

A space with good acoustics are more social friendly. A space with good acoustics is not necessarily quieter, but is definitely more pleasant to the occupants’ hearing, because the sound is softer, and more absorbed. consequently, people are more likely to be able to hear each other clearer, and be able to enjoy their conversations more. Therefore, good acoustical design in very essential to the design of a successful restaurant, because restaurants are where people like to gather, talk to each other and enjoy their meals. Even for cafes and fine dining restaurants, musics can be played in softer tones and act as an elegant background to casual and relaxed conversations.

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