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Your restaurant project: Interior space planning stage

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Now that you have a site in mind, how can we determine if this space is worth the investment? The next step is to have the space properly planned to see whether everything fits both physically and financially. Once space planning is completed, a site specific construction estimate can be given based on the proposed layout to help you evaluate the feasibility of the project.

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Well, there are many types of “construction estimates”, one type we see a lot, is when your contractors come in, take a look at the space, and give you a rough estimate based on his experience and other restaurant projects he did in the past. Sometimes he can get pretty close to the number, but many times he can be thrown off a little himself because each site has different code related design restrictions. He might have done a project where a 3 ton AC was making everyone cool and happy and forgot that your restaurant, located at a warmer climate zone with slightly more cooking equipments and larger dining room would need a 4 ton unit to maintain a comfortable temperature; or he might think that one restroom is going to do the job for you, but you are actually required to have two; or he might think you need 10 recessed lights, but you really want 20; He thinks a 10′ long hood is going to fit, but it’s not because you wanted that extra fryer…….. It’s essential to plan ahead and ensure you have the budget for the project before making any commitment. The last thing you want to expect is to find out in the middle of the project, that it will cost you 500K to open the restaurant instead of 50K, but you can’t quit, because you already invested that 50K in the project. And please don’t blame the contractor for trying to help in the first place, because it’s beyond his expertise to find out for you whether a 10′ L hood is enough for your operation or not.

Now, lets get back to the right track. How can we assist the contractor to give you an estimate that is more reliable? The answer is to have a professionally drafted layout that is code compliant, practical and operational at the same time to help your contractor price out everything correctly. With a proposed layout, we can find out exactly what it takes to convert the existing site to your restaurant with all the features that are essential to your operation.

With a proposed layout we will know:

  • 1.How much demolition we need to do.
  • 2.How many new walls we need build.
  • 3. How long of a counter / millwork we need to build.
  • 4. How long of a hood we need.
  • 5. How many new sinks we need and how far apart are they from each other.
  • 6. What equipments we need and how much they cost.
  • 7. The number of required ADA restrooms per building code and how much space they take.
  • 8. How many new plumbing and electrical connections we need.
  • 9. How many seats we can fit in the space
With a proposed layout, your contractor will be able to give you a more accurate estimate to help you evaluate whether the site can allow the project to be affordable and cost effective. The proposed layout is also a great tool for you to communicate with the landlord and explain to him the scope of your project in his space and find out whether he can provide tenant improvement funding or not.
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