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Your restaurant project: Marketing Stage

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During the permit processing and construction stage, you will probably have a lot of time on the side to think about how to advertise and market your restaurant. Here are three things to think about:

1. Website Design

Once logo and interior design are completed, it’s time to translate the design elements on to the web page along with logistics to help your customers learn more about your restaurant online.

Having a website is as important as spreading your fliers in the old days. Indeed, it delivers itself as your customers search for local restaurants and bars. Most yelpers would check out your website prior to making the final decision on whether to book your restaurant for a certain event.

Websites Design Samples:

A professionally designed website will help you:

  • Generate more customers, sales and revenue.
  • Provide automated customer service 24/7
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Develop online presence
  • Manage promotional offers

The 4 main elements to a successful restaurant website is: Concept and brand development, Attractive menu display, customer interaction and order initiation.

Concept and brand development

This is done by duplicating the colors used inside of your restaurant and showing happy customers and high quality images of the food.

Attractive menu display

Every restaurant website should show an up-to-date menu as well as wine and beer lists. This wets the customers appetite and hungry people tend to make decisions based on the attractive visuals.

Customers interaction

A lot of restaurant owners make the mistake of linking to a third party websites to show customer reviews and interact with customers instead of having the best reviews on their own website. This is not the most ideal way to interact with the customers, because it’s hard to control on what customers write about your restaurant, finding out who your real customers are and how to respond to their concerns. This is scary because who ever does not like your business will post fake comments and bad reviews about your restaurant. A successful restaurant website should be able to back up the restaurant and create a fair gateway for restaurant management to interact with the customers.

Order initiation

The first step to initiating order is to give accurate direction to your customers so they could come to your door with ease. Merely just placing your address online is not enough, having an interactive map that will give the user turn by turn directions right to your door is a must. Not only does this give more detailed directions, it also allows the user to plan for parking. Showing this kind of consideration to your customers will make them believe that they will get this same kind of treatment when they arrive to eat.

The second step to initiating orders is to showcase your fax and phone numbers in eye catching areas where are easy to find. Do not make the mistake of putting these info in discreet areas. Make these numbers handy to your customers so that they can place a phone or fax number whenever they are ready.

The third step to initiating orders is to give out coupons to your potential customers. Give your customers reasons to come to your store. Effective use of coupons can increase your to-go and dine-in orders dramatically.

coupon on website

2. Logo Design

Your logo is probably the most essential element for branding development, because it represents your restaurant as it’s seen in the public, such as on your store front, business card, menu, facebook, yelp, newspaper etc. Whether you own a family food joint or international franchise, logo helps to complete your brand as it helps your customers remember your place. A well designed logo shall represent your business concept, which can be done before or during the interior design stage.

logo design

3. Business card and Menu Design

Business card design:

Business cards are essential to all businesses, including restaurants. Customers love to collect business cards as they provide the most handy way to look for phone number, address, fax number, website and e mail information about your restaurant. A nicely designed business card will stand out from the rest and get you that phone or online order today.

Menu Design:

The primary reason to having a menu goes beyond listing out your dishes and prices, more importantly, your menus should enhance your customers’ dining experience by wetting their appetite, initiating their craving for more orders and, inscribing vivid descriptions of the ingredients. This is what we call a “Functional Menu”, a menu that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also money-spinning.

menu design
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