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Commercial grade building material

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Restaurants cater to numerous people daily. The possibility of wear and tear is definitely high. Because of that, you have to ensure the safety and comfort of your patrons. This is the reason why the building requires heavy-duty and high quality materials.

Commercial grade building materials are more durable of course. Items we recommend you stick with commercial grade as followed:

  1. Upholstery fabric. Needless to say, don’t use just any fabric for your restaurant seating. Commercial grade fabric not only meets flammability test, they also withstand wear and tear. However, commercial fabric would be overkill for a small entrance door curtain. For small curtain, feel free to use any type of fabric, commercial grade or not.
  2. Floor tiles. While you can’t visually distinguish commercial grade floor tile with residential grade, it’s important that you stick to the commercial grade product due to its slip resistance factor. This is not for the aesthetics, but rather for the safety reasons.
  3. Laminate. While most laminate are commercial grade, be mindful for the few exceptions. Commercial laminate are less porous, more durable, and more insusceptible to stains, water, ad microbes. This is why restaurant counters are required to be laminated inside and out with commercial grade laminates most of the time.
  4. Furniture: unless you expect swab furniture from time to time, using commercial grade furniture is a better idea for permanent use, whether used or new.
  5. ADA table: 5% of each type of seating needs to be ADA compliant. Some residential grade tables are not ADA compliant. To be compliant, a 30 x 48 cleared space is required within less than 19″ knee space under the table. Using commercial grade table top and table base is a better choice for ADA seating.
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Homeinfo library Commercial grade building material