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Your restaurant project: Site finding stage

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Committing with the right location for your restaurant is a big decision. Selecting the wrong site can turn a good investment into a bad investment. restaurant site finding Please click here to see a case study Nevertheless, how do you find that right site? There are two steps:

Finding the restaurant location

“Location, LLocation, LLLocation!” This, you hear a lot, and yes, it’s very crucial. A great concept with great food and service is not enough; people must be able to see you and be comfortable to come to where you are. The word “comfortable” is very important. People from different social groups have different comfort level and tolerance toward different environments. It’s essential to conduct marketing research to find out which location is the most “comfortable” to reach in the eyes of your potential customers. Whether you are serving fine wines, seafood, steaks, American comfort food, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Cambodian, French, or Fusion, knowing where your customers are and finding the ideal community to build your restaurant is always vital to a successful business plan.

Surveying the conditions of the site.

Now you have narrowed down the ideal neighborhoods for your restaurant, it’s time to evaluate the potentials of each of the candidates. Generally, there are three types of candidates:
1.Buying existing restaurants
When opening a restaurant, buying a existing restaurant makes the most economic [ more... ]
2.Commercial spaces for leasing
Many people prefer to lease a commercial space and build a restaurant from scratch [ more... ]
3.Commercial spaces for buying
The last one is the least popular; since it requires a lot more capitol to start the business [ more... ]
Even experienced restaurant owners seek help from professionals for site surveys, because hidden problems and potentials of the site can only be seen through the eyes of restaurant designers and engineers.
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