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American Family Restaurant Design

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A place to hang out with friends, have casual lunch or dinner with family, or just go for a drink and relax – this is what we wanted to achieve in this project.

As you enter the restaurant, you would see a lot of warm colors that make the whole space look very inviting and cozy. The restaurant floor is made of wood laminate which is easy to clean and maintain.  The walls are either painted a sandy beige color or finished with a faux stone panel. Mosaic tiles are used to line the wainscoting throughout the dining area. The bar is simple and sleek , accentuated by installing interestingly designed light fixtures. The beer crown display is lit up using LED lights for a pop of color. Overlooking the bar, on one of the restaurant walls, a huge, vintage looking map of the United States is displayed reinforcing the restaurant’s American theme.

An atmosphere of American life and landmarks is mainly used as the restaurant’s interior design. The walls of the restaurant are adorned with framed images of American landmarks together with spacious booth seats, regular tables and flat screen TVs throughout the dining area.

At the back room, one wall is designed with a huge LED lit image of the New York skyline that almost makes you feel like you’re really there. At another wall, there is a huge LED lit image of the Golden gate bridge. The rest of the wall is designed with a mosaic tile-wood framed 3D wall plaque of the head of the Statue of Liberty which gives the space a modern punch. The booths are each lit up by stylish black pendant lights.

The casual and comfortable dining atmosphere will increase your appetite and the beautiful design makes sitting for a long time to eat not boring anymore. These points alone, aside from the food, would definitely make you want to check out and dine at the restaurant.

HomeProjects American Family Restaurant Design