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Contemporary Indian Restaurant

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This project is a sophisticated and modern Indian restaurant with a business concept that emphasizes organic ingredients, herbs and spices. To articulate that concept in the interior design, herbs became the center display here. Different colors of herbs are showcased in glass containers that are displayed in an eye catching lotus shape wall cabinet. The herbs are not only appetizing to the eyes, they also add texture and dimension to the wall. Lotus is an iconic element in Indian culture which is being reflected faintly here on the built in cabinet and on the top arches of the VIP room dividers. The colorful china hung on the east wall mimic the same pattern, rhythm, and texture presented by the herbs which all together create a cohesive design. The wines also became part of the wall décor that add more texture and pattern. More to it is the settee bench that not only adds more color to the room, but also acts as the divider that separates the dining room and the service line. Mosaic tiles with golden shimmers are the final details that accent the Indian style with sophistication. The furniture is modern and chic, from the granite table tops down to the stream lined upholstered chairs. Reflective surfaces bounce light and exudes a more airy and contemporary feel that will surely keep customers coming back, not just for the delicious food but also for the refreshing atmosphere.
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HomeProjects Contemporary Indian Restaurant