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F and C Modern Fast Seafood Restaurant

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F and C is a modern fast seafood restaurant that specializes in fish and shrimp burgers, tacos, burritos and salads. They started off as a popular local restaurant in Houston Texas serving food that combines taste, quality and comfort. Seeing great success with the first business, the owner is ready to enlarge his operation to serve more hungry customers. It was Projects A to Z’s honor to help design his second location, present the rendering and secured a very popular location in the area. We really hope to hear more good news from them and possibly see them open here on California!

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  • Materialboard
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  • f-and-c-modern-fast-seafood-restaurant-menu-board
  • f-and-c-modern-fast-seafood-restaurant-restaurant-left
  • f-and-c-modern-fast-seafood-restaurant-restaurant-front-02
  • f-and-c-modern-fast-seafood-restaurant-restaurant-corner
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  • Memorial Frente
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