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Located in the vibrant downtown area of Concord, Cuba Linda Café is bringing casual Cuban cuisine to the dynamic food district. While recalling their childhood memories, Cuban scenery and food, the owners aspire to build a welcoming, rustic and exciting café that will bring the Caribbean inspired atmosphere to their customers here in Concord, California. The designer uses Cuban Havana cement tiles to accent the new columns on the focal wall. Spanish style tiles with similar pattern and color are also used to accent other design features throughout the dining room. Four different stain colors are used to outline different wood works. Dark blue jean color stain is used on the focal counter to bring casualness to the friendly environment. Spanish design inspired arches add architectural interest to the west wall. The new fluorescent lighting effectively highlights the new turquoise ceiling which resembles the relaxing Caribbean Sea. Most of the existing recessed lighting is intentionally designed to be reused, with 6 new recessed lights underneath the new soffit to provide effective functional lighting. Cost is dramatically reduced. Building and health permits were obtained in only one month after submittal.
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HomeProjects Cuban Café Design