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International hip dessert kiosk design

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Have you ever tried cotton shaved ice? Well let’s hope this kiosk hits your shopping mall soon so you may sample this trendy dessert that might replace frozen yogurt this summer! With a unique recipe and a specialty machine, frozen dessert paste turns into silky smooth shaved ice that is to be served with fresh fruits and other delicious toppings. To cope with the theme, we have designed the kiosk to mimic an ice cube. With a white box being the backdrop, circles lit up with blue led lights penetrate into the surface, some acting as window for ventilation and others act as poster niches that show case pictures of the desserts. Colorful wall papers inside of the niches act as backdrops to the dessert pictures and add interest to the design. The logo rests on the front of the white cube with led light behind it, adding emphasis and highlight to the brand. From a distance, this ice cube is still eye catching, which will not confuse anyone of its products and brand.
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HomeProjects International hip dessert kiosk design