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Most of us seek for a nice relaxing place where we can have a good drink and good food to share with friends or colleagues after a long work day. It’s a challenge though, to find a place that is able to serve both good food and good drinks while creating a comfortable ambiance. This is what inspired Metro City.

Metro City is known for its signature brews, extensive drink selection, good food and cozy urban interior. Industrial style pendant lights hang down from a casual open-ceiling ambiance. The walls are covered alternately with reclaimed wood and stacked stone. This helps to create a warm and cozy feeling inside the space. The tables are arranged in such a way that it can be moved around to create private space for an intimate setting and can be grouped together for bigger gatherings.

It is a rare occurrence that with a restaurant that offers so much more than food and drinks that all of the elements are able to come together nicely and to blend together to create a wonderful culinary experience for the late nights. It is more than just a regular bar to drink and to have fun with friends but it is also a haven for those who wish to just relax.

HomeProjects Metro City PD