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Mexican Grill Restaurant Facade Design

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This is a complete renovation project in Nantes France, converting a long gone restaurant into a new refreshing California Mexican Grill. Being the third design team coming in to rescue this project, the design challenge here to revive this worn-out façade in order to welcome customers inside to enjoy a fast delicious meal. The design concept is contemporary, casual, eye catching while still being organic, and refreshing. Overall the architectural language here is sleek; there are quiet moments where you see big panels of tempered glasses that suggest minimalism. However, there are also dynamic moments when blocks of planters and other decorative pieces in dark wenge color laminate start to take place to give the façade more depth and dimensions. Red color walls pop against the dark wenge color laminate and catches people’s attention from far away. LED signs become the focal points that identify the restaurant in style. This is really a nice update to the existing historic building. >> Interior Design for this project
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HomeProjects Mexican Grill Restaurant Facade Design