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Mexican Grill Restaurant Interior Design

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The concept of casual fresh Mexican Grill may have been excessively popular here locally in California as the owner is introducing the new Californian flavors to Nantes, France. The French patrons can now get a taste of the refreshing cuisine in a casual and modern atmosphere. The design concept for the interior of this project is organic, refreshing, clean and contemporary. Cork flooring is used in the dining room to not only provide a soothing pattern visually, it also provides padding and comfort to your feet as you step into the restaurant. Synthetic grass along with pebble tiles are also used in several areas on the floor in order to bring the outdoor in. Decorative wheat grasses are placed in oval shaped planters hung on the higher ends of several walls to bring in more natural elements to the bright white palette. Up lighting installed in the planter boxes will provide interesting highlights and reflections to the ceiling, making the 8’-0” high space to look taller and more open. Brown and white photographs are printed as wall papers to dress up two of the focal walls to further introduce the culture of the restaurant. >> Facade Design for this project
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HomeProjects Mexican Grill Restaurant Interior Design