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Chinese Seafood Restaurant Design

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Located right at the border of Stoneridge Shopping Mall in Dublin, Tri-Valley Seafood Restaurant serves dim sum and authentic Cantonese banquets daily to the locals. With over 3000 sq ft of dining space, the restaurant is popular for hosting wedding banquets, birthday gatherings and business caterings. With Projects A to Z’s help, the restaurant is ready for an upgraded festive look to host more parties. A new contemporary wedding stage is creatively designed to readily serve as a glamorous backdrop of any wedding head tables. Two groups of led lighting enable over 12 different color combinations to accommodate the different wedding theme colors. A heavy duty hidden curtain rod is readily available to carry the weight of any backdrop fabrics. Electrical hookup is also readily available to accommodate the need of any extra backdrop lighting in the back. A new bar and entrance area is also redesigned to give an updated look to the restaurant.
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HomeProjects Chinese Seafood Restaurant Design