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South San Francisco Sushi Restaurant Remodel

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In this project, space is separated into two elongated dining rooms. To emphasize the lengthy space, stripe patterned carpet is used to add bold graphics on the floor. Carpet tiles are ideal choices to any project that’s limited on budget but in need of big style. With a little more than $2 per-square-foot, the stripes are adding tremendous energy into the new space. On the east side are silver opaque drapes hung from the ceiling which not only divide the individual dining tables with a touch of privacy, but also help layer the space with texture and warmth. At the sake back bar, three-dimensional rectangles clash together randomly; Some extend out deep enough to become wine shelves with built in led lights. From a distance, the wine shelves would blend in with the rest of the rectangles, so the wine would seem to be free standing on the wall. To add in the romantic touches, 1 set of crystal pendant track light and a few elegant chandeliers are installed. To create another interesting seating area, 3 custom booths are built. 6-8 guests can be comfortably seated in these booths for private gatherings, drinking and chit chatting. In this project, simplicity and modern elements are warmed up by soft and romantic lighting, which dramatically updated this old Mexican bistro to a hip and stylish Japanese restaurant.
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HomeProjects South San Francisco Sushi Restaurant Remodel