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Modern Japanese Restaurant Design

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Located in the residential area of Silicon Valley, Almaden Sushi Restaurant targets to serve family oriented customers. The layout is designed with flexibility to serve groups of 6,8,10 to even up to 20. The tables along the east wall can simply be combined to serve a large group or separated to serve couples and small families. The concept revolves around the organic elements appreciated by the Japanese culture. The Japanese, known for being simple yet classy, was the inspiration in meticulously selecting the design elements that were key to achieving this iniviting and relaxing modern-zen look. Elegant yet easy to clean wavy wall panels cover the main walls in the dining room, providing smooth organic texture to act as backdrop to the quiet surrounding. This wavy wall pattern also brings you closer to nature. It is subtly reminiscent of the ocean where the fresh seafood is from. When light hits the wall, it produces an interesting ripple that is very calming to look at. Sleek, amber-colored mini pendant lights are used to line the soffit at the counter area. In the main dining area, eye-catching contemporary chandeliers are used to dress up the ceiling. The way that the round lightbulbs are randomly positioned using curved wires looks like a modern take on symbolizing cherry blossoms. Resin panels with dried grass and flower inserts make the space feel fresh and authentically closer to nature. These resin panels act as dividers along the lengthy dining room into three smaller sections that are more intimate. The layered ceiling design adds geometric features and interests to the space. The neutral color pallete is perfect for the whole look – soothing to the eye and sophisticated enough to serve young couples and their family.
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HomeProjects Modern Japanese Restaurant Design