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Trampoline park design

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The youth nowadays – always thirsty for adventure and fun. Always looking for action and always fighting off boredom. This is where trampoline parks come into play – indoor fun and always accessible anytime. The idea was to create a design that would be appealing for both teens and moms alike. As you enter the shop you will already feel the modern and hip vibe of the place. You will see pops of bright red and green color on the wall. The same colors are used for the curvy soffit that runs across the main lounge area all the way to the yogurt shop. The floor is linoleum – shiny, easy to maintain, easy to install, on different shades of gray to act as a neutralizer for the bright colors on the wall and on the ceiling. It has a curvy pattern to match the feel of the ceiling piece.

trampoline park gift shop design

A round booth is at the center of the retail area for mom’s to hang out with their kids as they are enjoying their yogurt. The round-booth almost feels like a lounge that offers exclusivity and space where moms and teens can chat and relax.

The trampoline color is black and green. This same green color is used throughout the park to exude cohesiveness and continuity of the design.

Further into the park, near the trampoline area, we have vertically hung fluorescent lights in different neon colors. This looks strikingly similar to the Jedi swords in Star Wars and the teens will surely love them. The events/party area is decorated with corrugated aluminates, laminated for a professional finish but still allowing it to leave plenty of banner room for the host to customize the party by hanging of birthday banners, pictures and balloons. Overall, the design brings together hip, modern and fun retro elements that can be enjoyed by both adults and teens alike.

HomeProjects Trampoline park design