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Construction Drawing

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For this service, we provide:

1. Elevation drawings

Elevation drawings for the Interior Design with dimensions and material specifications.

2. Millwork details

Millwork details with dimensions and material specifications.

3. Soffit and ceiling sections (Where applies)

4. Special design features (where applies)

When do you need construction drawings?

You would need construction drawings when you are looking to:
  • Price out the cost for the interior design of the project
  • Facilitate easier communication between G.C, designer and owner of the project.
  • Preserve the integrity of the proposed interior design by making sure you are following the proper scale with the right material.
construction drawing Construction drawings are essential for a fast turn-around project. Construction drawings help to speed up the building process by spelling out the details and exact measurements of the interior design elements in the dining room.

What are the differences between construction drawings and permit drawings?

Permit Drawings depict the general design of your store such as the layout, wall colors, type of lighting, equipments, restroom sizes, plumbing plan, electrical plan, mechanical plans and etc. They are for the plan checkers’ reviews to see if the designs are up to code and regulations. However, permit drawings are often not detailed enough for your contractor to follow and build the design as planned. Construction drawings on the other hand, depict the design with detailed measurements such as where to locate the new wall, where to install the new lighting fixtures, wall finish details, sections and elevations and detailed drawings of other design features. In order to enforce project schedule and speed up the building process, accurate construction drawings are required. Some food consultants provide permit drawings at a low cost with fast turn-around time. However, they may not provide construction drawings in the package. As construction begins, your contractor will have a lot of questions about the details which will delay the entire project. Here at Projects A to Z, we provide construction drawings in a timely manner. We will submit all the permit drawings first, and begin our construction drawings later after we received the first round of comments from the city departments. This will ensure the fastest turnaround time for your project without sacrificing the level of completeness in our drawings.  
Home services Construction Drawing