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For this package, we provide:
  • 1. 3D rendering
  • 2. Material list & vendor
We provide realistic 3 D renderings for our design presentations. Experience the space with us before the actual construction starts. We will virtually walk you through your new space with accurate dimensions, fun colors and intriguing materials. Computer renderings are more precise in terms of scale as compared to traditional hand renderings.
We will provide a complete list of the materials we specify on our design with detailed vendor information. We will let you contact the vendors directly without charging commission fees other design firms traditionally charge. See sample below:Material list

How does the internet package benefit both parties? (You and Projects A to Z) >>

The internet package will help both parties to
  1. Save time- Holding meetings online can help to ease up schedule conflicts, maximize the meeting speed, and help both parties to stay on the agenda.
  2. Minimize bureaucracy- You will be able to communicate one on one with the assigned designer directly. Meeting reports will be automatically logged with a list of follow up actions and tasks. We will make sure all of your concerns are addressed in a timely manner.
  3. Speed up the project time-line: All subjects will be covered during the online conference in a straight forward manner.

Is there any hidden charge? >>

No. We provide services as described on the contract in a straight forward manner for a fixed price. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why should I choose Projects A to Z to design my restaurant? >>

What is the design lead time? >>

All designs will be completed in 10 working days. Our designers will not be involved in customer service and will instead follow a strict working schedule once assigned to your project. Your account manager will help to take care of the other administration concerns to ensure your 100% satisfaction with our service.

How do I know if the designer can deliver the right concept and style to my store? >>

Our designers understand restaurant projects in marketing terms. Conducting researches for your concept and location is always the first step in our design process. The design concept and decor will also match with your food theme and clientele to create a space that is welcoming to your customers.

I have a color palette in my mind already, how can I incorporate this palette into the design?

Work with our designer to see how we could fit your color palette into the design. Our designer will work closely with you to ensure the mood that we are creating is exactly what is in your head.Please click here to read about our successful restaurant design projects.

How much value can booth seating add to my restaurant? >>

It depends on what type of restaurant you are running. Booths are kind of essential to the following establishments: diners, American comfort food, and any other fine dining restaurants. Booths can provide comfort to your customers, because they are usually cushioned on the back and on the seat, as compared to wood or metal backs on a typical restaurant chair. If you pay closer attention to customers in a restaurant with booths, you would find that booths are usually the first being taken as compared to other type of seating. With this being said, booths do cost quite a bit of initial investment. Good quality booths can cost some where around $600 and up a piece depending upon the type of fabric and style. 1 set of booth can cost you up to $1200. One alternative for booth is settee. Settees are more versatile and therefore are more popular to new restaurant owners nowadays. A settee is an extended booth, generally cushioned, to accomodate multiple tables and loose chairs. It’s more economical to have settees nowadays since they cost less money to build, and usually a 20 feet long settee can provide enough visual impact to the overall atmosphere. Other than providing visual impacts, these colorful booths and settees can also help to enhance the acoustics. Therefore, if budget allows, booths and settees can add tremendous values to your restaurant.

How do you ensure my satisfaction to your design plan? >>

We use a comprehensive form to interview our clients in order to ensure that we understand your taste and needs. You will be able to show us as many details as possible (i.e pictures from magazines, and other websites) to make certain that we are on the same page. We will also revise the design plan to meet your satisfaction. Please see our portfolio (at main page) to see samples of our works.

What other services do we offer to clients globally? >>

We offer interior design and space planning service to clients globally.

How can I pay for the service fee? >>

We accept credit card, check and PayPal.

What if I am not comfortable to talk about my budget >>

It is important for us to give you a design that matches your budget. Since we don’t sell furniture and construction material, please feel free to discuss with us on how and where to spend the money on your project. Our job is to provide you with guidance and professional advices to make your space look as beautiful as it can be on budget and on time.

Home services Interior Design