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Restaurant Owners

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We can form a great team because:

  • We provide honest and practical design solutions for small to medium size restaurant projects.
  • We are professional food service consultants, kitchen and interior designers who specialize in restaurant projects only.
  • Our design solutions are budget sensitive. Since we don’t sell furniture and equipment, we can provide the most unbiased design solutions to help you build the most cost effective and profitable restaurant.
  • Our passion for design will help you create the most unique brand for your restaurant. There are no cookies cutters here.
  • We understand restaurants in marketing terms. We know what your customers are after.
  • We know the tricks to designing a durable, long lasting, and public friendly restaurant.
  • We are the initial planners who can help to start the project out in the right way to protect your investment.
  • We love team work. We are happy to work with your general contractors, architects and engineers to help put your project into fruition.
  • We are able to help you pull health permits independently.
  • We are able to help you pull build permits under one contract by sub contracting the right MEP engineers or work with your own preferred MEP engineers. (We can help you find the right MEP engineer who specializes in the area needed for your project to save time and money. )
  • Enjoy glowing reviews on yelp about the décor of your restaurant!
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Home services Restaurant Owners