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Owner Of Omega Farm Foods – Celebrity Chef Rone

Hi, I am Rone de Beauvoir. Celebrity Chef, Author and Serial Entrepreneur. I’m doing this video as a celebration to a company that I recently made contact with known as Projects A to Z.

I decided to open a restaurant obviously as a chef, mini chefs, open restaurants after coming out of culinary school. I on the other hand, many years ago, when I completed culinary school, I decided to go into a catering business. At the time and even at present, I mostly enjoy, you know, living in 22 countries around the world and I wanted that to continue and I knew the best way, in addition to being an international award winning speaker, to take care of myself and complete my life’s responsibilities. I knew another great way to do that would be through my business as a celebrity chef and a caterer. Catering afforded me an opportunity to work with film productions, television productions and, you know, VIP home kind of events. Well anyway, recently, after a long contemplation and thinking about it, I decided to open a series of restaurants, never mind about that and I’ll tell you about that one day but for the for the purpose of this video, i want you to know that it’s an endorsement to Projects A to Z.

What a wonderful organization! let me tell you the first thing that I found fascinating. They’re in Walnut Creek, California. They have an amazing staff. Not a very large staff but very meticulous individuals. Very professional. The ethics is unbelievable! I found that even though they were not where I was, they were able to take simple charts, floor plans, pictures of the frame and core of my space and absolutely flawlessly execute the design of my restaurant. In fact when we’re done constructing, you’ll see another video of this type, a much longer video featuring the design that they did based on my vision and what I told the designer and the architects that I wanted to have done in the space. It’s a remarkable job in that I didn’t take a space as it was. I created space between two spaces to make my restaurant. When you see the restaurant at its completion, you’ll understand why I’m so impressed and fascinated with them. Take a look at their website. When you see their website, you will see other renditions and designs of restaurants not only in the United States but all over the world that they’re doing and you’ll clearly understand why. Another thing that I really enjoyed, point number 2 shall I say, was that the way they accomplished this is through literally talking to you through Webex. Im sure you know of Webex. Who doesn’t know of Webex. If you’re attending and participating in Webinars, you know about Webex. Well, the Architect and Designer will actually take the floor plan that you may have and show you a different rendition and walk you through it live. You can be in Africa somewhere, or in Asia somewhere and they’re in Walnut Creek, California showing you the possibilities. Showing you the design that they come up with. Walking you through every meticulous detail of your design. I don’t care what business you’re looking to open or start in the year 2013. may I say to you, whatever you do, unequivocably, without any question, if you’re going to build a facility or rent a space where you know you’ve got to have a designer, an architect design the floor plan and design out that space, Projects A to Z is exactly what you need. I cannot stress it enough. If they tell you they’re calling you at 11:33, 11:33 they’ll call you on the dot. They give you 10 opportunities after your design is complete to literally make changes and that’s all at no additional cost. That’s my 3rd point that I want to address with you. The cost. Oh my God! I talked to all kinds of architects and designers who were looking at charging me anywhere from 25-50 thousand dollars and I thought it was a bit ludacris. I thought it was crazy to want to charge someone that kind of money to do a design. You know AutoCAD is what they use – many of them. And I know it doesn’t require all of that. Granted, I expect people to be paid for their expertise just as I am but 26-50 thousand dollars, I don’t think so. You will be amazed! And they will tell you what they charge but you will be amazed at the design and what you will see on the website; what they are able to accomplish for the amount of money. Their fee structure and the way they do that, you’re gonna be so impressed with it. So listen, to wrap it up, let me just say this – whether you’re opening a restaurant like I am, even my coffee bar, whatever kind of food business you’re opening even if it’s not a food business. Whatever design or business you’re going into, if you need an architect, I strongly recommend Projects A to Z. You’re gonna love Grace who’s gonna work with you, hold your hand by hand to make sure you understand everything. Zan, who is the designer and architect – absolutely amazing! My friends, I can’t say enough. You got to talk to Projects A to Z and I’m more than certain that you’re gonna be pleased. I offered to do this video for them because I was that pleased and that impressed with their work and I know that you will be too. I’m Rone de Beauvoir – Author, Celebrity Chef and Serial Entrepreneur who is now extremely happy as a Restaurateur so thank you very much for watching the video. Give them a call, check them out, you will not regret it! I’m out. Peace!

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