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Owner of Tarla Grill – Yusuf Topal

Owner of Tarla Grill - Yusuf Topal Owner of Tarla Grill – Yusuf Topal

I discovered Projects A to Z by searching online and thought it was an internet scam because the prices were so reasonable and they do most of their business online. After dismissing them, I received a phone call and in person visit from a member of company. They worked with me, and earned my trust. I am glad they did!

I cannot say enough about Projects A to Z. They truly stream lined the conceptual and construction process of my restaurant. Completed every task in a timely manner, executed everything perfectly and saved me money and time. From the design, sketches, construction, permitting and budget, they stayed with me every step of the way! Everything was right on and they understood my creative vision for the space I wanted to create. I could not have imagined a more perfect space for my restaurant. It is clear to me, after working with Projects A to Z, that they have the knowledge, experience, and their designers are very passionate.

Zan is the BEST Designer and Architect I have ever met in my life. John is the BEST Account Manager. They have new way of doing business, very easy/straight forward/efficient, and were able to provide unbiased opinions. It is obvious they have no hidden conflict of interest.

All of their services have value, and you could pick which service you need. They are flexible! They are willing to work with other professionals, such as engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, and etc. Basically all they want to do is make the restaurant building process easy and enjoyable, and they did just that!

I cannot recommend them enough and would be happy to provide a personal reference to anyone with questions. The people I worked with were: Zan Situ: designer and architect, John Liang: project manager.

Even to this day they are still available for any questions and concerns I might have. Not only will I use them again in the future, but you should too!

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HomeWhat our clients said Owner of Tarla Grill – Yusuf Topal